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Blogs and websites of poets and writers. Please help us keep this list up-to-date and let us know about any bad links. We’re sorry to say that we haven’t been able to go through and verify these links in a long time, but we’ll leave them here for now.


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Tony Abbott

Seth Abramson The Suburban Ecstasies

Katie Acheson something katy

Beth Adams the cassandra pages

Mary Alexander Agner

Kelli Russell Agodon Book of Kells

Tiel Aisha Ansari Knocking From Inside

Susanne Paola Antonetta

Francisco Aragón Letras Latinas Blog

Jose Angel Araguz The Friday Influence

Michelle Arch Archetype

Marshall Armstrong The Window

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Bartholomew Barker Poetry, Presidents and Progenitors

Rusty Barnes Live Nude Poems

Thomas Basböll The Pangrammaticon

Lisa Marie Basile

Mary Bast Winding Sheets

Sandra Beasley Chicks Dig Poetry

Steven W. Beattie That Shakespearean Rag

Derek Beaulieu

Mike Begnal B’Fhiu an Braon Fola

Jessica Bell

Matt Bell *

Aaron Belz

Shannon Benjamin The Saturday Evening Poet

Jefferey Berg jdbrecords

Adria Bernardi

Charles Bernstein *

Mark Bernstein

Yvette Bodden AW: Awakened Woman

Mitchell Bogatz

Gwenda Bond Shaken & Stirred

Joe Bonomo No Such Thing As Was

Dave Bonta via negativa

Mel Bosworth No More Hot Lunches for Eddie Socko

Jenny Boully

Kristy Bowen dulcetly

Ken Brosky The Death of a Dream

Fleda Brown My Wobbly Bicyle

Catherine Bull Poetry Dork

Andrew Burke Hi Spirits

Miriam Burstein The Little Professor

Rachael Shay Button writing and wandering

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Gerry Canavan

Reyes Cardenas Chicano Poet

Michael Casey The Butcher The Baker and The Undertaker Laughs from Birmingham England

Ann Cefola

Edward Champion Reluctant Habits

Sherry Chandler *

James M. Chesbro Fatherhood in First Person

Melba Christie poemattic

Jodi Chromey I Will Dare

James Claffey the wrong corner of the sky

Anna Clark Isak

Adam Clay

Ian Cochrane Writer

Sage Cohen The Path of Possibility *

Todd Colby Todd Colby’s Glee Farm

James Collins Love During Wartime

Shanna Compton

Juliet Cook Doppelgangrene

Rebecca Cook

Chris Corrigan

Beth Coyote

Caleb Crain Steamboats are Ruining Everything

Del Ray Cross anachronizms

Laine Cunningham Writer’s Resource

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Rachel Dacus Rocket Kids

Lâle Davidson A Writing Life

John Davis

Tara Deal

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett Pen on Fire /

Jerry Dennis Bountiful World

Jennifer K. Dick

Mark Dingemanse The Ideophone

Linh Dinh Detainees

Mary Douglas To the Russian Poets

Erika Dreifus My Machberet

Jehanne Dubrow

Jim Duchene The Aw, Nuts! Humor Blog

Kendall Dunkelberg

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Ryan Eckes Old News

Barry Eisler The Heart of the Matter

David Ellis toofulltowrite

Carrie Etter

CM Evans Gigantic Jet

Kate Evans Being and Writing

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Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof
 the artblog

Robert Fanning postscript

Guy Farmer Poems and Poetry

Al Filreis

Annie Finch Poetry Witch

James Finnegan ursprache

Donna Fleischer word pond

Adam Ford

Joachim Frank Franx Fiction

Jon Frankel Last Bender`

Jane Friedman *

Nancy Friedman Fritinancy

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Elisa Gabbert
 The French Exit

Jeannine Hall Gailey Jeannine Blogs

Neil Gaiman

Kate Gale A Mind Never Dormant

Carole J. Garrison Journeys from the known to the unknown

Jeanne Lyet Gassman Jeanne’s Writing Desk

Jamie Gaughran-Perez Very Most Good

Greg Gerke

Susan Gillis Concrete & River

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Loud Poet

Howie Good Apocalypse Mambo

Erica Goss Poet, Writer, Instructor

Heidi Greco out on the big limb

Jessica Groenendijk Words from the Wild

Lauren Grodstein

Sheri Grutz

Christopher Guerin Zealotry of Guerin

Dan Gutstein Blood and Gutstein

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Rhiannon Hall Poetry and Beyond

John Hanson A Bewildering Search

Cynthia Harrison A Writer’s Diary

Finn Havor Conversations in the Book Trade

Gena Haskett Out On The Stoop

Woody Haut Woody Haut’s Blog

Bob Hazelton Average Poet

Dot Hearn The Writing Vein

Susan Henderson Lit Park

Liz Henry Composite: Thoughts on Poetics and Tech

Kev Heritage

Aimee Herman

Scott David Herman erasing.org

Mandie Hines

Jnana Hodson Jnana’s Red Barn

Julian Hoffman Notes from Near and Far

Doug Holder Boston Area Small Press Scene

Erin Coughlin Hollowell Being Poetry

Katherine L. Holmes Writing Amid Used Books

Tom Hopkins Thomas Israel Hopkins’s Persuasion Machine

Jennifer Howard

Joseph Hutchison The Perpetual Bird

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Luisa Igloria /

Glenn Ingersoll Love Settlement

Jamie Iredell Picnic Cannibal

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Michael Jacobson the new post-literate

Marie Jean-Claude You Must Read to Write

Richard Jespers

Paula Johnson The Rose City Sisters

R Dean Johnson

Pierre Joris Nomadics

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Megan Kaminski

S. Karlan The Mystery of Things

Chess Katier M3ØW

Ian Keenan Piri’ Miri Muli’

John Keene J’s Theater

Katherine Keenum Picturing a World

Collin Kelley Modern Confessional

Kevin Kelly KK Lifestream /

Gail Wilson Kenna Crosshill Creek Publications

Deborah Kennedy

Jack Kimball pantaloons

Kathleen Kirk Wait! I have a Blog?!

Austin Kleon

Rob Knetsch Of turmoil and quest

Rodney Koeneke Modern Americans

Molly Koeneman Good Golly Miss Molly Blogs!

Jee Leong Koh song of a reformed headhunter

Pamela Gwyn Kripke Like a Single Mom

Donna Kuhn digital aardvarks

Patrick Kurp Anecdotal Evidence *

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Margaret Lafleur

Laila Lalami *

Michael Lally Lally’s Alley

Page Lambert All Things Literary/All Things Natural

Sandra Gail Lambert

Marissa Landrigan

Language Hat

Dorothea Lasky

David Dodd Lee Seventeenfingeredpoetrybird

Jim Leftwich Textimagepoem

Joe Linker The Coming of the Toads

Diane Lockward Blogalicious

Jeffrey A. Lockwood

Richard Long Muddy Bank

Richard Lopez Really Bad Movies

Helen Losse Windows Toward the World

Denise Low Kansas Poet Laureate

Kelly Luce

Karina Lutz Poetry for the Great Turning

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Taylor Mali Journal Blog

Rupert Mallin

Cendrine Marrouat Visual Poetry of the Mundane

J H Martin A Coat for a Monkey

Vin Maskell Stereo Stories

Steven May ChapBooks

Jonathan Mayhew Stupid Motivational Tricks / Bemsha Swing

Marilyn McCabe

Toni McCloe psychobabblings of a middle child

Kristen McHenry The Good Typist

Rob McLennan /

Lisa McMann

Kelly McMullen

Sheila McMullin A Poetic Feminist Moon Spit Blog

Matt Merritt Polyolbion

Douglas Messerli Green Integer Blog

William Michaelian

Lincoln Michel

Chloe Yelena Miller *

Thorpe Moeckel

G.M. Monks

Vince Montague biblioteke

Steven Moore taichiheartwork

Stephen Morrissey

Ted Morrissey 12 Winters Blog


John Myers Smudgy and Lossy

Drew Myron

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Vihang Naik all for poetry

Travis Laurence Naught

Christopher Nelson Under a Warm Green Linden

Daniel Nester How to be Inappropriate

Richard Newman

Aldon Lynn Nielsen Heat String Theory

Chris Norbury A Neo-Renaissance Writer

Gary Norris dagwolf

Marco North impressions of an expat

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Michelle Ocasio ReadMichelleO

Ann W. Olson Sideway Views

BJ Omanson A Bivouac on the Slopes of Parnassus

David Oppegaard

Ashraf Osman arch.memory

Abiodun Oyewole

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A. M. Palmer Literary Nonfiction

Chad Parenteau Poet for Hire

Guillermo Parra Venepoetics

Robert Peake Code Poet

Greg Perry

Kendall F. Person

Joyce Peseroff

Adam Peterson Stock Photography Museum

Michael Peverett

Leslie Pietrzyk Work-in-Progress

Daniel W. Polk

Dawn Potter

Vivian Faith Prescott Planet Alaska

Samuel Pye The War is Over

Nicole Pyles The World of My Imagination

Q – R
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Midge Raymond Remembering English

Jendi Reiter Reiter’s Block

Barbara Jane Reyes Poeta y Diwata

Susan Rich The Alchemist’s Kitchen

Tad Richards Tad’s Opus 40 Blog

Brett Riley

Cinthia Ritchie

Laura Roberts Button Tapper

Adam Robinson Publishing Genius Press

Rolli Rolliwrites

Lisa Romeo Lisa Romeo Writes

Greig Roselli stone of erasmus

Gabriel Rosenstock Rogha Gabriel

Jack Ross The Imaginary Museum

Stuart Ross Bloggamooga

Jerome Rothenberg Poems and Poetics /

Rosemary Royston The Luxury of Trees

Jacob Russell Barking Dog

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Miriam Sagan
 Miriam’s Well

Mary Sayler

Lauren Scharhag

Steven D. Schroeder

Susan M. Schultz Tinfish Editor’s Blog

Gunturu Seshendra Sharma Visionary Poet of the Millennium

Steven Shaviro The Pinocchio Theory

Andrew Shields

Larissa Shmailo

Shay Siegel Q&A with Shay

Paul Siegell Reveler @ Eyelevel

Martha Silano

Dan Silliman

R.K. Singh

Ian Singleton

Ron Slate On the Seawall

Marcus Slease Never Mind the Beasts

e. smith sleigh

Cynthia Leitich Smith Cynsations

K. R. Smith My World, My Words

Kevin Smokler “Culture, Consumed, Considered”

Sarah Sousa

Amber Sparks

Kevin Spenst Poetic Edits /

Matina Stamatakis Hybrids

Cynthia Staples Words + Images

Scott T. Starbuck Scott T. Starbuck’s Trees, Fish, and Dreams

Gil Stewart October Years

Brian Strang Sorry Nature

Charles Stross Charlie’s Diary

Nita Sweeney Bum Glue: The True Secret of (Nita’s) Writing

Todd Swift Eyewear

Elizabeth Kate Switaj Daughter of the Ring of Fire

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Ron Tanner baltimore blog

Sophia E. Terazawa of creative survival

Michael Theune Structure & Surprise

Daniel Tiernan

Tony Trehy Tony Trehy blog

Monique Trottier So Misguided

Jon Trovato Word Paintings

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Wendy Van Camp No Wasted Ink

Laura van den Berg

Jessie Van Eerden

Paul Vermeersch Poetry and such

Dan Visel with hidden noise

Lina ramona Vitkauskas Symptom X: Aegri Somnia

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K. Kayin W.
 In the Mind’s Well

George M Wallace a fool in the forest

Daren Wang Verb

Paul Warren The Mechanics Of Being Human

Jerry Waxler

Loren Webster In a Dark Time… The Eye Begins to See

David Weinberger Joho

Sarah Weinman Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind

Michael Wells Stick Poet Super Hero

Kari Wergeland Voice Break

Ross White Little Fury

Marcus Wicker

Juliet Wilson Crafty Green Poet

Gail Wilson Kenna Literature I’ve Loved

Guinotte Wise

Laurie Witzel Chatoyance

Erica Wright Erica’s Blog

X – Z
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Helen Yendall Blog About Writing

Don Yorty

C. Dale Young The Micro Muse

Mark Young gamma ways

Molly Young Magic Molly

Vassilis Zambaras Vazambam

Laurel Zuckerman’s Paris Weblog Paris Writers News