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New Books Received for February 2024

Small, Independent, and University Press, and Author-published Books

NewPages receives many wonderful book titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these by clicking on the link to their blog post. If you are a publisher or author looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please visit our FAQ page.

Marriage 2001: A Bruised Odyssey, J. W. Young, unPublications
In J. W. Young’s first book discover poems and writings dealing with the confines of marriage when defined and marred by subjugation, domestic abuse, and censorship in modern times. See sponsored blog post here.

More Books Received


Abounding Freedom, Julien Gracq
After Forever Changes, Joseph Gastiger, David Robert Books
Antillia, Henrietta Goodman, The Backwaters Press
Ardor, Alyse Knorr, Gasher Press
Before You Met Me, Agatha Sicil, Running Wild Press
Beyond the Dawn, Alissa Sammarco, Turning Point
Bone Fragments, Rick Christiansen, Spartan Press
Bust of an Athlete, Maxwell Suzuki, Iron Horse Literary Review
Carnevale, Susan Oringel, David Robert Books
Cheap Motels of My Youth, George Bilgere, Rattle
Corona/Crown, Kim Roberts & Robert Revere, WordTech Editions
Document Shredding Museum, Afrizal Malna, World Poetry
Earthwork, Jill Khoury, Switchback Books
Eggphrasis, Ronnie Hess, Word Poetry
Folk Gospels, Nick Hilbourn, CW Books
For Today, Carolyn Hembree, LSU Press
the hook-switch goodbye, Christine Brooks, Turning Point
Horseradish Love, Melanie Dellas, CW Books
How to Monetize Despair, Lisa Mottolo, Unsolicited Press
I See Them Now, Alissa Sammarco, Turning Point
In the Glittering Maw, Joyce Mansour, World Poetry
The Infinite Field, Alice Templeton, Sixteen Rivers Press
The Intimacy of Spoons, Jim Minick, Madville Publications
Knowing That Most Things Break, David Leightty, David Robert Books
Marriage 2001: A Bruised Odyssey, J.W. Young, unPublications
Miracles That Keep Me Going, Charlie Brice, WordTech Editions
Murmur, Shakiba Hashemi, Word Poetry
Origins of the Syma Species, Tares Oburumu, University of Nebraska Press
Outside Paradise, Joanne Harris Allred, Word Poetry
Recover, Allison Joseph, Word Poetry
Room Swept Home, Remica Bingham-Risher, Wesleyan University Press
The Scream, M. Sukoot, Handcar Press
Seasons of Light, Bonny Barry Sanders, Cherry Grove Collections
Sonnets from the Psalms, Dr. Christian Dickinson, Orison Publishers
Tell Me Something Good, Mark Chartier, Turning Point
Time is a Snake’s Tongue, MaryAnn L. Miller, CW Books
What of the Earth Was Saved, Leedladhar Jagoori, World Poetry


American Sycamore, Charles Kenney, Skyhorse Publishing
Beware the Tall Grass, Ellen Birkett Morris, Columbia State University Press
Fay’s Men, Perle Besserman, Running Wild Press
The Harvest, Diego Rauda, Running Wild Press
Inside the Mirror, Parul Kapur, University of Nebraska Press
Tabitha, Get Up, Lee Upton, Sagging Meniscus


Shift, Penny Guisinger, University of Nebraska Press
Undetectable, Casey Charles, Running Wild Press
Women Who Murder, Mitzi Szereto, Mango Publishing Group

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