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photograph of Kookaburras laughing in a tree for annual Witcraft Humour Competition

Witcraft Annual Humour Competition

Deadline: July 31, 2024

This is a competition dedicated to skillful writing that is brief, humorous, and engaging. The emphasis is on wit, word play, absurdity, and inspired nonsense. Whether your work is designed to raise a smile or a belly laugh, we want pieces that are a refuge from the relentless barrage of negativity, angst, war, and climate catastrophe that dominates the web. We’re looking for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that is founded on wit, humor, puns, absurdity, and irony. Put away the sledgehammer, the cliches, the tired tropes, and the nastiness. If you are looking for examples of what Witcraft wants to encourage, spend time browsing our site. Enter here: witcraft.org/witcraft-annual-humour-competition/. Top Prize US$250.

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