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Hey Kids!
Become a NewPages reviewer.

NewPages accepts flash reviews for publication on our blog year-round.

What We’re Looking For:

Send us flash reviews (200 words maximum) on the latest literary magazine, book, or individual piece(s) of writing you’ve read recently and would love to share. Give us something short and sweet, but with substance.

Reviews should be originally written for NewPages.

Our best advice is to write the review the way you would talk to a friend if you wanted to recommend they read the work. Give some summary, but more on your assessment that gets them interested, and any drawbacks that are fairly worth mentioning.

We seek reviews of contemporary literary books from small presses (see our guide to Publishers) and new magazine issues or publication website content (NOT social media or other forms of self-publishing). Contemporary = within the past year. Literary = no ‘popular genre’ works (fantasy, thriller, sci fi, murder mystery, etc., unless it is from a publisher we list on our site). Retrospectives on earlier works may be considered as long as there is a contemporary connection. You’re welcome to send a query or sample if you’re not sure but understand we may refuse to run the review if it doesn’t meet these guidelines.

NewPages practices these ethical boundaries:

  • No reviews sent from publishers or agencies promoting their own titles.
  • No reviews sent from authors of the work being reviewed.
  • No gratuitous promotion of friends, family, current/past teachers, publishers you are waiting to hear back from, etc.
  • If you know the author, editor, and/or publisher but believe your review is a fair critique, please disclose that relationship.
  • We will Google names, and if they show up together, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.
  • We do not support publishers requiring authors to provide “cross-promotion” of other works published with them.

If you are not familiar with the short review, you can find examples here.

How to Submit:

Send reviews to [email protected] with “Review” included in the subject line.

Include the title of the book or piece, author, publisher, and publication date.

Identify your relationship to the author, editor, and/or publisher. If there is no relationship, say, “No relationship.” If you can’t say this, see the note above.

Include a short bio (under 50 words) written in the third person with any relevant personal links including your social media tags.

Include your Twitter handle if you have one.


We LOVE that you are using NewPages in the classroom! Writing reviews is a great skill to teach and practice with your students. We would appreciate a ‘heads-up’ as to the assignment, as not everything that works in the classroom translates well to our publication. If you would like to have a Zoom session with our Editor Denise Hill, she would be more than happy to provide a session (40 minutes + Q&A) on review writing. Free! Denise is also a teacher and has provided this workshop to many other students and teachers at various levels of education.

What Next?:

If your submission is accepted, we will clean up minor errors, and it will appear on the NewPages blog within the next two weeks and be shared via our social media.

There is no payment at this time, just the standard fame and glory.

NewPages retains the rights to the review, so please do not republish it elsewhere. You are encouraged to give the review a shout-out with a link via your own networks and be sure to tag NewPages:

Twitter: @NewPages

Facebook: @NewPages

Instagram: @newpagesdotcom

Questions About Reviewing Not Answered Here?

Contact us for more information and to get started.