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The Big List of Writing Contests features a comprehensive list of magazine, book, chapbook, audio, and video contests and competitions from independent publishers, literary magazines, alternative magazines, and writing conferences and festivals. Organized by upcoming deadlines.


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  • Academy of American Poets. On Teaching Poem Prize. Poetry. No Fee. [literary site] 1/1

  • Bayou. James Knudsen Prize for Fiction/Kay Murphy Prize for Poetry. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/1

  • Fourteen Hills. Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award. Poetry. No Fee. [mag] 1/1

  • Mississippi Review. Mississippi Review Prize. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/1

  • Gemini Magazine. Poetry Open. Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/2

  • North Carolina Writers' Network. Jacob/Jones African-American Literary Prize. Fiction, Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [literary site] 1/2

  • Washington-Centerville Public Library. Erma Bombeck Writing Competition. Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [literary site] 1/3 [*biennial - even-numbered years*]

  • Beyond Baroque. Poetry Contest. Poetry. Entry Fee. 1/4

  • The Frost Place/Bull City Press. The Frost Place Chapbook Competition. Poetry. Entry Fee. [chap] 1/5

  • DISQUIET. DISQUIET Literary Prize. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] [conference] 1/10

  • DISQUIET. Luso-American Fellowship. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. No Fee. [conference] 1/10

  • New Delta Review. Chapbook Contest. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Cross-Genre. Entry Fee. [chap] 1/10

  • 92Y/Boston Review. "Discovery" / Boston Review Poetry Contest. Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/11

  • Glass Mountain. Poetry & Prose Competition. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/11

  • Magma Poetry. Magma Poetry Competition. Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/12

  • StoryQuartelry. Nonfiction Contest. Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/12

  • Colorado Review. Colorado Prize for Poetry. Poetry. Entry Fee. [book] 1/14

  • French-American Foundation. Translation Prize. Fiction, Nonfiction. No Fee. [pubished book] 1/14

  • BkMK Press. G. S. Chandra Prize for Short Fiction/John Ciardi Prize for Poetry. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [book] 1/15

  • Flyway. Notes from the Field. Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Institute for Latino Studies. Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize. Poetry. No Fee. [book] 1/15
    [*even numbered years*]

  • Letras Latinas/Red Hen Press. Poetry Award. Poetry. No Fee. [book] 1/15
    [*even numbered years*]

  • Literal Latte. K. Margaret Grossman Fiction Awards. Fiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Meridian. Editors' Prize. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Native American Literature Symposium. Electa Quinney Award for Published Stories. Fiction. No Fee. [publshed writing] 1/15

  • North Carolina Writers' Network. Rose Post Creative Nonfiction Competition. Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Permafrost. Book Prizes. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [book]  1/15
    [*genres alternate*] 

  • Poetica Publishing. Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award. Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Rattle. Chapbook Prize. Poetry. Entry Fee. [chap] 1/15

  • PRISM International. Jacob Zilber Prize for Short Fiction. Fiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Room. Cover Art Contest. Art. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Third Coast. Jaimy Gordon Fiction Prize/Poetry Prize. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Wells College Press. Poetry Chapbook Contest. Poetry. Entry Fee. [chap] 1/15

  • Yemassee. Poetry Chapbook Prize. Poetry. Entry Fee. [chap] 1/15

  • Yemassee. Short Fiction Contest/Poetry Contest. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/15

  • Northern California Book Reviewers. Northern California Book Awards. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Translation, Children's Literature. No Fee. [published book] 1/18

  • EVENT. Let Down Your Hair Contest. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Cross-Genre. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/20

  • Moment Magazine/Karma Foundation. Short Fiction Contest. Fiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/21

  • Etchings Press. Book Prizes. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [chap][book] 1/28

  • The Connecticut Poetry Society. Nutmeg Poetry Award. Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/30
    [*Connecticut writers only*]

  • North Carolina Writers' Network. Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize. Fiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/30

  • Austin Community College. Balcones Literary Prizes. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [published book] 1/31

  • WOW! Women on Writing. Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest. Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [literary site] 1/31

  • Autumn House Press. Rising Writer Contest. Poetry. Entry Fee. [book] 1/31

  • Black Lawrence Press. The Big Moose Prize. Fiction. Entry Fee. [book] 1/31

  • The Chattahoochee Review. Lamar York Prizes for Fiction & Nonfiction. Fiction, Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • Chicago Tribune. Nelson Algren Short Story Contest. Fiction. No Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • Crazyhorse. Annual Prizes. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • CutBank. Montana Prizes/Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • The Ghost Story. Screw Turn Flash Fiction Competition. Fiction. Entry Fee. [literary site] 1/31

  • Graywolf Press. Nonfiction Prize. Nonfiction. Entry Fee. [book] 1/31
    [*even numbered years*]

  • Hurston/Wright Foundation. Award for College Writers. Fiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [literary site] 1/31

  • The Iowa Review. The Iowa Review Awards. Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • Kenyon Review. Short Fiction Contest. Fiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • The Masters Review. Short Story Award for New Writers. Fiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • Prole. Prole Laureate. Poetry. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

  • University of Iowa School of Social Work. Poetry Contest for Social Workers. Poetry. No Fee. [writing] 1/31

  • Whitefish Review. Rick Bass/Montana Prize for Fiction. Fiction. Entry Fee. [mag] 1/31

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