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Blackass, A. Igoni Barrett, Graywolf Press

The Chintz Age: Tales of Love and Loss for a New New York, Ed Hamilton, Červená Barva Press

A Collapse of Horses, Brian Evenson, Coffee House Press

Crosscurrents and Other Stories, Gerry Wilson, Press 53

The Dark Will End the Dark, Darrin Doyle, Tortoise Books

Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story, Jonathan LaPoma, Laughing Fire Press

The Education of a Poker Player, James McManus, BOA Editions

Go Home Lake, Megs Beach, Second Story Press

King of Yiddish, Curt Leviant, Livingston Press

The Lower Quarter, Elise Blackwell, Unbridled Books

Max Baer & The Star of David, Jay Neugeboren, Mandel Vilar Press

Mrs. Shaw, Mukoma Wa Ngugi, Ohio Univ Press / Swallow Press

shanghai.shanghai.shanghai, Alex Kuo, Redbat Books

Sofrito, Phillippe Diederich, Cinco Puntos Press

Stumbling out the Stable, Sean Pravica, Pelekinesis

With Animal, Carol Guess & Kelly Magee, Black Lawrence Press

You Must Fight Them, Maceo Montoya, Univ of New Mexico Press