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1001 Facts of Prehistoric Life, Jo Ann Clark, Black Lawrence Press

Alloy, Jan Bottiglieri, Mayapple Press

Antidote for Night, Marsha de la O, BOA Editions

Archives of the Air, John Morgan, Salmon Poetry

Beautiful Wall, Ray Gonzales, BOA Editions

Becoming the Sound of Bees, Mark Vincenz, Ampersand Books

Book of Stones and Angels, Harold Schweizer, Tupelo Press

Brood, C. R. Resetarits, Mongrel Empire Press

Empty Chairs, Liu Xia, Graywolf Press

First Words, Emily Vogel, NYQ Books

Flit: A Poetry Mashup of Classic Literature, Dennis Milam Benise, Coffeetown Press

Heresies, Orlando Ricardo Menes, Univ of New Mexico Press

I’m No Longer Troubled by the Extravagance, Rick Bursky, BOA Editions

Lucy Negro Redux, Caroline Randall Williams, Ampersand Books

Nobody Calls Me Darling Anymore, Dannye Romine Powell, Press 53

Odd Beauty, Strange Fruit: poems, Susan Swartwout, Brick Mantel Books

Partly Fallen, Deborah Akers, Airlie Press

The Richard Peabody Reader, Ed. Lucinda Ebersole, Alan Squire Publishing

The Rival, Sara Wallace, Univ of Utah Press

Sentences and Rain, Elaine Equi, Coffee House Press

Setting the Fires, Darlene Pagan, Airlie Press

Simply to Know Its Name, Robert Aquinas McNally, Grayson Books

Tender Points, Amy Berkowitz, Timeless, Inifinte Light

Tree Heresies, William Wright, Mercer Univ Press

Under Brushstrokes, Hedy Habra, Press 53

What Snakes Want, Kita Shantiris, Mayapple Press

With the People from the Bridge: Poena Damni, Dimitris Lyacos, Shoestring Press