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After Abel, Michael Lemberger, Prospect Park Books

American Blues, Evan Guilford-Blake, Holland House Books

City of Ladies, Sarah Kennedy, Knox Robinson Publishing

The Complete Stories, Mary Butts, McPherson & Co

Dash in the Blue Pacific, Cole Alpaugh, Coffeetown Press

Einstein’s Beach House, Jacob M. Appel, Pressgang

Fountain, Tote Hughes, Miami Univ Press

Girl on the Swing and At Night in Crumbling Voices, Peter Grandbois, Wordcraft of Oregon

Klail City: Klail City y sus alrededores, Rolando Hinojosa, Arte Publico Press

Portal to Vibrancy, Laurette Folk, Big Table Publishing

Rainy Season: Three Lives in the New South Africa, Maggie Messitt, Univ of Iowa Press

Thorn, Evan Morgan Williams, BkMk Press

Year of Perfect Happiness, Becky Adnot-Haynes, Univ of North Texas Press