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Aflame, Gary McDowell, White Pine Press

Blazes, Zack Grabosky, Foundlings Press

The Cipher, Molly Brodak, Pleiades Press

The Death Spiral, Sarah Giragosian, Black Lawrence Press

Devil’s Lake, Sarah M. Sala, Tolsun Books

Divining, Brooke Sahni, Orison Books

For All I Know, J.R. Solonche, Kelsay Books

A Forest of Names: 108 Meditations, Ian Boyden, Wesleyan University Press

I’ll Fly Away, Rudy Francisco, Button Poetry

A Juror Must Fold in on Herself, Kathleen McClung, Rattle

Life Cycle of a Bear, Steven Kleinman, Anhinga Press

Now It’s Dark, Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan University Press

Piano Music, J.R. Solonche, Serving House Books

RENDANG, Will Harris, Wesleyan University Press

Same Faces, Albert Mobilio, Black Square Editions

Some Girls Walk into the Country They Are From, Sawako Nakayasu, Wave Books

Sports Page, Ken Waldman, Lamar University Literary Press

This Is Where I Live I Have Nowhere Else To Go, Dennis Hinrichsen, Grid Books

Thornwork, Ruth Baumann, Black Lawrence Press

The Time of Your Life, J.R. Solonche, Adelaide Books

Trump Sonnets: Volume 5 – His Early Virus Monologues, Ken Waldman, Ridgeway Press

Trump Sonnets: Volume 6 – His Middle Virus Soliloquy, Ken Waldman, Ridgeway Press

Un-American, Hafizah Geter, Wesleyan University Press

Working Title, Chuck Harp, Unsolicited Press

Yi Sang: Selected Works, Ed. Don Mee Choi, Wave Books