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About Repulsion, Annelyse Gelman & Jason Grier, Fonograf Editions

Alisoun Sings, Caroline Bergvall, Nightboat Books

Because the Dirt Here is Poor, Lindsay Wilson, Main Street Rag Press

The Bees of the Invisible, Wally Swist, Shanti Arts

Black, Matilda, Justin Rogers, Glass Poetry Press

Counting by Sevens, Ann E. Wallace, Main Street Rag Press

Cross Country, Jeff Newberry & Justin Evans, WordTech Editions

Dakota Fruit, Catherine Cobb Morocco, Turning Point

Earth is a Fickle Daughter, Dane Cervine, Main Street Rag Press

The Field, Rhina P. Espaillat, David Robert Books

Gesundheit!, Chen Chen & Sam Herschel Wein, Glass Poetry Press

Ghosts of the Upper Floor: The Complete Dark Shadows (of My Childhood), Book 3, Tony Trigilio, BlazeVOX

Halfway Friends for Decades, Elizabeth Carmer, Word Poetry

Have, Lee Robinson, David Robert Books

I Shimmer Sometimes, Too, Porsha Olayiwola, Button Poetry

In Salem, Catherine Corman, Ugly Duckling Presse

Jesus in the Trailer, Andrew K. Clark, Main Street Rag Press

November Weather Spell, Robert Fillman, Main Street Rag Press

Pebble Leaf Feather Knife, Polly Brown, Cherry Grove Collections

The Problem of the Many, Timothy Donnelly, Wave Books

Rubbernecking, Kevin J. McDaniel, Main Street Rag Press

Salient Points and Sharp Angles, John Zedolik, CW Books

Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli, Giovanni Pascoli, Princeton University Press

The Shape of Regret, Herbert Woodward Martin, Wayne State University Press

Shimmer, Mark Irwin, Anhinga Press

Sonnets to Orpheus, Rainer Maria Rilke, Open Letter

Sterling, Morgan Christie, CW Books

Sundowning, John L. Stanizzi, Main Street Rag Press

Swerve: Poems on Environmentalism, Feminism, and Resistance, Ellery Akers, Blue Light Books

Travesty Generator, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Noemi Press

UN poems, Ed Sams, CW Books

Under the Radar, Jane McGuffin, David Robert Books

Unlocatable Source, Judith Bowles, Turning Point

Untitled Film Still Museum, Kara Dorris, CW Books

A User’s Manual, Jiři Kolář, Twisted Spoon Press

Wave Archive, Emmalea Russo, Book*hug Press