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Antipsalm, Wayne Johns, Unicorn Press

Beautiful Aliens: A Steve Abbott Reader, Steve Abbott, Ed. Jamie Townsend, Nightboat Books

Birthright, George Abraham, Button Poetry

Blood Box, Zefyr Lisowski, Black Lawrence Press

Brand New Spacesuit, John Gallaher, BOA Editions LTD

DMZ Colony, Don Mee Choi, Wave Books

God’s Green Earth, Noelle Kocot, Wave Books

How To Be a Poet, J.M. Farkas, Andrews McMeel Publishing

Improvisation Without Accompaniment, Matt Morton, BOA Editions LTD

Inland/Empire, Leah Huizar, Noemi Press

Inside Ball Lightning, Rainie Oet, Southeast Missouri State University Press

Latter Days of Eve, Beverly Burch, BkMk Press

Let’s Become a Ghost Story, Rick Bursky, BOA Editions LTD

Look Look Look, Callista Buchen, Black Lawrence Press

Nowhere Beulah, Nicole Stockburger, Unicorn Press

Rue, Kathryn Nuernberger, BOA Editions LTD

The Shore, Chris Nelson, Wave Books

The Sky Contains the Plans, Matthew Rohrer, Wave Books

The Spinning Place, Chelsea Wagenaar, Southern Indiana Review Press

Triptych, Peter Grandbois, James McCorkle, Robert Miltner, Etruscan Press

The Underneath, Christopher Cokinos, New American Press

What the Gratitude List Said to the Bucket List, Gloria Heffernan, NYQ Books

When Sleep Comes: Shillelagh Songs, Jack Foley, Sagging Mensicus Press

The Willies, Adam Falkner, Button Poetry

Words Like Thunder: New and Used Anishinaabe Prayers, Lois Beardslee, Wayne State University Press

Year of the Dog, Deborah Paredez, BOA Editions LTD