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An Accident of Blood, Charles W. Brice, WordTech Editions

Adamantine, Naomi Foyle, Red Hen Press

Animal/Flame, Michelle Lewis, Conduit Books

Blackdamp, Michele Harris, David Robert Books

Crucial Blue, Madeline Mysko, Cherry Grove Collections

Did You Know?, Elizabeth S. Wolf, Rattle

Dolores in Spanish is Pain, Dolores in Lolita is a Girl, Ashley Miranda, Glass Poetry Press

Early Morning Koffee Klatch at the Egg ‘n Hash Sitdown, Philip Raisor, Turning Point

Epistle, Osprey, Geri Doran, Tupelo Press

Exile Home, Mark Statman, Lavender Ink

Fingerprints, Mark Chartier, Turning Point

Human Tetris, Vi Khi Nao & Ali Raz, 11:11 Press

Immigrant Songs, Kareem Tayyar, WordTech Editions

In My Cottage, Martha Deborah Hall, Word Poetry

Intrusive Beauty, Joseph J. Capista, Ohio Unviersity Press

The Language of Bones: American Journeys through Bardic Verse, Elizabeth Spencer Spragins, Kelsay Books

The Last Note Becomes Its Listener, Jeffrey Morgan, Conduit Books

Lot for Sale. No Pigs, Sandy Green, BatCat Press

Mezzanine, Susan Kay Anderson, Finishing Line Press

The Ocean Cannot Be Blue, Kirsten Hampton, Turning Point

Patterns: Moments in Time, Carol Smallwood, Word Poetry

The People’s Field, Haesong Kwon, Southeast Missouri State University Press

Perimeter Homespun, Marcia Arrieta, BlazeVOX

Phoenix: Transformation Poems, Jessica Goody, CW Books

Small Waiting Objects, T.D. Walker, CW Books

The Song of Lies, James Scannell McCormick, David Robert Books

This American Autopsy, Jose Antionio Rodriguez, University of Oklahoma Press

Time, Etel Adnan, Nightboat Books

Will There Be Music?, Sharon Olson, Cherry Grove Collections

Wings Apart, Burt Kimmelman, Dos Madres