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Clerk of the Dead, Alan Perry, Main Street Rag Publishing

Code, Charlotte Pence, Black Lawrence Press

Convenient Amnesia, Donald Vincent, Broadstone Books

Echo of the Park, Romina Freschi, Eulalia Books

Float True, Deborah Jang, Shanti Arts Publishing

An Honest Hunger, Robert Lowes, Resource Publications

The Horse Who Bears Me Away, Jim Peterson, Red Hen Press

I Wish My Father, Lesléa Newman, Headmistress Press

In These States, T.R. Hummer, Jacar Press

The Magnum Opus Persists in the Evening, Simon Baena, Jacar Press

Night in the North, Fabián Severo, Eulalia Books

Open the Dark, Marie Tozier, Boreal Books

Serving, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Crisis Chronicles

Sex & Violence, Kristy Bowen, Black Lawrence Press

Something Opened, Samantha Deal, Black Lawrence Press

Suitor, Joshua Rivkin, Red Hen Press

The Things I Didn’t Know to Wish For, Linda Hillringhouse, NYQ Books

The Time of Your Life, J. R. Solonche, Adelaide Books

Wave If You Can See Me, Susan Ludvigson, Red Hen Press

What I Forgot to Say, Julie Suk, Jacar Press

What Kind of Man, Tony Gloeggler, NYQ Books