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Afterwards, Reagan Myers, Button Poetry

Ariadne Awakens: Instructions for the Labyrinth, Laura Costas, Paycock Press

Asked What Has Changed, Ed Roberson, Wesleyan Univesrity Press

City of Skypapers, Marcela Sulak, Black Lawrence Press

En Route, Jesse Wolfe, Cathexis Northwest Press

Green Horses on the Walls, Cristina A Bejan, Finishing Line Press

Hospice Plastics, Rachel Hinton, SEMO Press

Irredenta, Oscar Oswald, Nightboat Books

Kaddish: Before the Holocaust and After, Jane Yolen, Holy Cow! Press

last confession, Frank Rossini, sight | for | sight books

Lost Language, Faith Shearin, Press 53

Magnified, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Wesleyan Univesrity Press

The Man Grave, Christopher Salerno, Persea Books

No Doubt I Will Return a Different Man, Tobias Wray, Cleveland State University Poetry Center

No Small Comfort, Brian Simoneau, Black Lawrence Press

O.B.B., Paolo Javier, Nightboat Books

outside voices please, Valerie Hsiung, Cleveland State University Poetry Center

Purple Perilla, Can Xue, Common Era Inc.

Shreela Ray: On the Life and Work of an American Master, Ed. Kazim Ali & Rohan Chhetri, Gulf Coast

Slow Sea Rising, Walt Franklin, Great Elm Press

Tragic City, Clemonce Heard, Anhinga Press

Tramping Solo, Fred Rosenblum, Fomite Press

Waterfall Girls, Kimberly White, Clash Books

West Portal, Benjamin Gucciardi, The University of Utah Press

White Chick, Nancy Keating, Elixir Press

You Better Be Lightning, Andrea Gibson, Button Poetry