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The 9-Day Queen Gets Lost on the Way to Her Execution, Karyna McGlynn, Willow Springs Books

Abandoned Angel, Burt Kimmelman, Marsh Hawk Press

Black Anthem, Bruce Bond, University of Tampa Press

Blue Hallelujahs, Cynthia Manick, Black Lawrence Press

Copper Mother, Alyse Knorr, Switchback Books

The Dead in Daylight, Melody S. Gee, Cooper Dillon Books

The Latin Quarter, Flavia Cosma, MadHat Press

The Magic Kingdom, Russell Swensen, Black Lawrence Press

Nominal Cases, Thomas Cotsonas, Black Lawrence Press

Not Even Laughter, Phillip Crymble, Salmon Poetry

The Rapture of Eddy Daemon, Daniel Y. Harris, BlazeVOX [books]

The Red Bowl, Holaday Mason, Red Hen Press

Salvage, Kristy Bowen, Black Lawrence Press

So Late to the Party, Kate Angus, Negative Capability Press

This Summer and That Summer, Sanjeev Sethi, Bloomsbury USA

True Light Falls In Many Forms, Kathie Giorgio, Main Street Rag Pub Co

Unbearable Splendor, Sun Yung Shin, Coffee House Press

Wine Dark, Jenny Drai, Black Lawrence Press

Works on Paper, Jennifer Barber, Word Works

Your Immaculate Heart, Annmarie O’Connell, Trio House Press