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30 Days of 19, Donovan Hufnagle, WordTech Editions

Animal Joy, Eric Fisher Stone, WordTech Editions

Banana Bread, J. D. Scrimgeour, Nixes Mate Books

Bindweed, Leah Johnson, Cherry Grove

Bread of the Moment, David Sanders, Swallow Press

Breathe, Lisa McIvor, Cherry Grove

Broken by Water: Salish Sea Years, Gary Thompson, Turning Point

Come Along With Me to the Pasture Now, Arielle Greenberg, Agape Editions

Don’t Sing to Me of Electric Fences, Dave Seter, Cherry Grove

The Drowning House, John Sibley Williams, Elixir Press

Epilogue: Selected and Last Poems, Frederick Morgan, Red Hen Press

Fetch, Muse, Rebecca Starks, Able Muse Press

Fledgling: Sonnets, Sarah White, CW Books

gossypiin, Ra Malika Imhotep, Red Hen Press

Grasp and Release, Cathy Hale, David Robert Books

Hello There, DeWitt Clinton, Word Poetry

I Will Pass Even to Acheron, Amanda Newell, Rattle

Ice Lands, Carol Westberg, David Robert Books

lesser case, Mark DeCarteret, Nixes Mate Books

The Light That Burns Us, Jazra Khaleed, World Poetry Books

Mere Thread, Katharine Gregg, Word Poetry

New Life, Joanna Novak, Black Lawrence Press

Of Mineral, Tiff Dressen, Nightboat Books

Radio Static, James Hoch, Green Linden Press

Refugee, Pamela Uschuk, Red Hen Press

A River Within Spills Light, Jane Attanucci, Turning Point

Series, Mari Deweese, Nixes Mate Books

Swimming the Eel: New Edition, Zara Raab, David Robert Books

To Set Right, Lynne Shapiro, WordTech Editions

The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne, Volume 4.2: The Songs and Sonets: Part 2: Texts, Commentary, Notes, and Glosses, John Donne, Indiana University Press

Water Lessons, Lisa Dordal, Black Lawrence Press

Whirligig, Pamela Harrison, Turning Point

Zero Plus Time, Dorothy Derifield, Cherry Grove