Home » Poetry Posted December 22, 2020

Adjusting to the Lights, Tom C. Hunley, Rattle

The Charmed House, Deborah Diemont, Dos Madres

Count Four., Keith Kopka, University of Tampa Press

Giant Moth Perishes, Geoffrey Nutter, Wave Books

Guard the Mysteries, Cedar Sigo, Wave Books

Hoarders, Kate Durbin, Wave Books

Into Night’s Tent, Stephen Frech, River Glass Books

Listen, Steven Cramer, MadHat Press

My Mother’s Red Ford: New & Selected Poems 1986 – 2020, Roy Bentley, Lost Horse Press

Now It’s Dark, Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan University Press

The River People, Polly Buckingham, Lost Horse Press

Seldom Purely, Linda Haviland Conte, Ibbetson Street Press

Set in Stone, Kevin Carey, CavanKerry Press

Sho, Douglas Kearney, Wave Books

A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure, Hoa Nguyen, Wave Books

Trump Sonnets: Volume 7: His Further Virus Monologues, Ken Waldman, Ridgeway Press

Women in the Waiting Room, Kirun Kapur, Black Lawrence Press