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After the Storm, Thomas Zemsky, Broadstone Books

Afterlives, Micah Ballard, Bootstrap Press

The Analyst, Molly Peacock, W.W. Norton & Co

Arachnid Verve, Shauna Osborn, Mongrel Empire Press

Bed of Impatiens, Katie Hartsock, Able Muse Press

Before Snowfall, After Rain, Ariel Francisco, Glass Poetry Press

Blackacre, Monica Young, Graywolf Press

Blue Star, Barbara Presnell, Press 53

Book of The Dead, Lasana M. Sekou, House of Nehesi Publishers

Calamities, Renee Gladman, Wave Books

Cities at Dawn, Geoffrey Nutter, Wave Books

A Different Wakeful Animal, Susan Cohen, Red Dragon Press

Disinheritance, John Sibley Williams, Apprentice House Press

Field Guide to the End of the World, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Moon City Press

Four Reincarnations, Max Ritvo, Milkweed Editions

Glass Harvest, Amie Whittemore, Autumn House Press

Great Blue, Susan Herron Sibbet, Sixteen Rivers Press

Guide to the Exhibit, Lisa Allen Oritz, Perugia Press

Hagar Poems, Mohja Kahf, University of Arkansas Press

The Happiest Day of My Life, Kevin Burris, FutureCycle Press

Hemming Flames, Patricia Colleen Murphy, Utah State University Press

The House at the Center of the World: Poetic Midrash on Sacred Space, Abe Mezrich, Ben Yehuda Press

Into the Cyclorama, Annie Kim, Southern Indiana Review Press

The Ladder, Alan Michael Parker, Tupelo Press

Landscape with Headless Mama, Jennifer Givhan, Pleiades Press

Ledge, Nola Garrett, Mayapple Press

Likenesses, Heather Tone, American Poetry Review

A Love Supreme, Professor Arturo, NYQ Books

Mean Numbers, Ian Ganassi, China Grove Press

Open My Lips: Prayers and Poems, Rachel Barenblat, Ben Yehuda Press

Plucking the Stinger, Stephanie Rogers, Saturnalia Books

Power Ballads, Garrett Caples, Wave Books

Prayer Book of the Anxious, Josephine Yu, Elixir Press

Thesaurus of Separation, Tim Mayo, Phoenicia Publishing

The Tornado is the World, Catherine Pierce, Saturnalia Books

Unholyland, Aidan Andrew Dun, Interlink Publishing Group

Violet Energy Ingots, Hoa Nguyen, Wave Books

Waiting for the Dead to Speak, Brian Fanelli, NYQ Books

Walking Backwards, Lee Sharkey, Tupelo Press

We Who Desire: Poems and Torah Riffs, Sue Swartz, Ben Yehuda Press

What Blooms in Winter, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, NYQ Books

What My Hand Say, Glenis Redmond, Press 53

Wintering, Megan Snyder-Camp, Tupelo Press

The World As Is: New & Selected Poems 1972-2015, Joseph Hutchinson, NYQ Books

You Are Here: Poems New and Old, Leon Stokesbury, University of Arkansas Press