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Abandoned Earth, Linwood D. Rumney, Gival Press

Alchemy for Cells & Other Beasts, Maya Jewell Zeller & Carrie DeBacker, Entre Rios Books

All My Heroes Are Broke, Ariel Francisco, C & R Press

All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned, Erica Wright, Black Lawrence Press

Appearances, Michael Collins, Saddle Road Press

Attributed to the Harrow Painter, Nick Twemlow, University of Iowa Press

Autopsy, Donte Collins, Button Poetry

Bad Summon, Philip Schaefer, University of Utah Press

Bird Years, Dicko King, Mayapple Press

Brief Interviews with the Romantic Past, Kathryn Nuernberger, Ohio State University Press

A Camouflage of Specimens and Garments, Jennifer Militello, Tupelo Press

A Certain Roughness in Their Syntax, Jorge Aulicino, Tupelo Press

Depression & Other Magic Tricks, Sabrina Benaim, Button Poetry

Dots & Dashes, Jehanne Dubrow, Southern Illinois University Press

Drugstore Blue, Susana H. Case, Five Oaks Press

Eros Zero, Daniel Rounds,

Every Species of Hope, Michael J. Rosen, Ohio State University Press

Flowers & Sky, Aaron Shurin, Entre Rios Books

Gallery Withheld, Jennifer Met, Glass Poetry Press

A Girl’s a Gun, Rachel Danielle Peterson, University Press Kentucky

Holdfast, Christian Anton Gerard, C & R Press

Human Interest, Valerie Bandura, Black Lawrence Press

Instructions for Staging, Kristina Marie Darling & Carol Guess, Broadstone Books

Like Lesser Gods, Bruce McEver, C & R Press

Manhattanite, Aaron Poochigian, Able Muse Press / Word Galaxy Press

Map Traces, Blood Traces, Eugenia Toledo, Mayapple Press

Marvels of the Invisible, Jenny Molberg, Tupelo Press

Mary’s Dust, Melinda Mueller, Entre Rios Books

The Moon is Almost Full, Chana Bloch, Autumn House Press

Of Cartography, Esther G. Belin, University of Arizona Press

Other Than They Seem, Allan Peterson, Tupelo Press

Oxygen, Julia Fiedorczuk, Zephyr Press

Rapture & the Big Bam, Matt Donovan, Tupelo Press

Reassurance in Negative Space, Elizabyth A. Hiscox, Able Muse Press / Word Galaxy Press

Silk Poems, Jen Bervin, Nightboat Books

The Stars of Earth, Emily Grosholz, Able Muse Press / Word Galaxy Press

Summer over Autumn, Howard Mansfield, Bauhan Publishing

Surge, Michelle Whittaker, Great Weather for Media

Sweet Velocity, Rachel Moritz, Lost Roads Publishers

Telling My Father, James Crews, Southeast Missouri State University Press

This Loss Behind Us, Jack Bedell, Paul Hostovsky, MK Punky, Pint-Size Publications

Two Halves of the World Apple, Yang Ke, University of Oklahoma Press

Vixen, Cherene Sherrard, Autumn House Press

Weather, Kelly Cherry, Rain Mountain Press

Wild Roses, Jan Minich, Mayapple Press

A Year of Mourning: Poems 271-322 of Petrarch’s Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, translated by Lee Harlin Bahan , Able Muse Press / Word Galaxy Press