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& in Open, Marvel, Felicia Zamora, Parlor Press

Acadiana, Nancy Reddy, Black Lawrence Press

Age of Glass, Anna Maria Hong, Cleveland State University Poetry Ctr

All That Held Us, Henrietta Goodman, BkMk Press

American Letters: works on paper, Giovanni Singleton, Canarium Books

Animal Virtue, Nathanael Tagg, WordTech Editions

At Your Feet, Ana Cristina Cesar, Parlor Press

Big Windows, Lauren Moseley, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Black Sea, David Yezzi, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Blood Vinyls, Yolanda J. Franklin, Anhinga Press

The Blueness of the Evening, Hassan Najmi, University of Arkansas Press

Body & Glass, Rodney Koeneke, Wave Books

The Body Ghost, Joseph Lease, Coffee House Press

Chatterbox, Lynn Houston, WordTech Editions

Circus, Deonte Osayande, Brick Mantel Books

Day In, Day Out, Simon Smith, Parlor Press

Dear Reader, Bruce Bond, Parlor Press

Defying Gravity, Rosemary Winslow, WordTech Editions

Dream Wilderness Poems: A Trail Guide, Kevin McKelvey, WordTech Editions

The End of Spectacle, Virginia Konchan, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Everywhere I Find Myself, Leah Stenson, Turning Point

Experience in Groups, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Wave Books

The Eyes Have It, Anne Harding Woodworth, Turning Point

Fable of the Pack-Saddle Child, Mia Leonin, BkMk Press

A Farewell to Lent, Kevin Hadduck, Cherry Grove

The Fix, Lisa Wells, University of Iowa Press

The Hatch, Joe Fletcher, Brooklyn Arts Press

Heat Seekers, Steve Lambert, Cherry Grove

Here Lies, Tom C. Hunley, Stephen F. Austin State University Press

Ho Chi Minh: A Speculative Life in Verse and Other Poems, Benjamin Goluboff, Urban Farmhouse Press

I, Emily Dickinson & Other Found Poems, J.R. Solonche, Deerbrook Editions

Icon, David Mutschlecner, Ahsahta Press

Immortal Village, Kathryn Rhett, Carnegie Mellon University Press

In Failure & In Ruins: dreams & fragments, Mark Bolsover, Into the Void Press

Lady of Light, Diane Wakoski, Anhinga Press

Last City, Brian Sneeden, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Leaning into the Infinite, Marc Vincenz, Dos Madres

Lessons in Camouflage, Martin Ott, C & R Press

Lifting the Turtle, J.D. Scrimgeour, Turning Point

Love Poems, Pia Taavila-Borsheim, Cherry Grove

Man Praying, Donald Platt, Parlor Press

Meandering, MaryEllen Letarte, WordTech Editions

Midnights in my Mending Room, Martha Deborah Hall, WordTech Editions

Milk, Dorothea Lasky, Wave Books

The Miraculous Courageous, Josh Booton, Parlor Press

Night Farming in Bosnia, Ray Keifetz, Bitter Oleander Press

Nightfall, Full of Light, Jeff Bernstein, Turning Point

Nothing is Okay, Rachel Wiley, Button Poetry

Orient, Nicholas Gulig, Cleveland State University Poetry Ctr

Orlando, Sandra Simonds, Wave Books

Paradise, Andy Stallings, Rescue Press

Percussive, Chuck Joy, Turning Point

Public Land, Matthew Sumpter, University of Tampa Press

Quench, Amy Orazio, WordTech Editions

Rose Has a New Walker, Karen Mandell, WordTech Editions

Rumor, Elizabeth Robinson, Parlor Press

Said the Cannibal, Laurie Smith, Urban Farmhouse Press

Screwball, Anne Kawala, Canarium Books

Solar Trauma, Philip Sorenson, Rescue Press

Sudden White Fan, Veronica Patterson, Cherry Grove

Tap Dancing on the Razor’s Edge, Paul A. Lubenkov, WordTech Editions

This Next Tenderness, Ellen Steinbaum, WordTech Editions

Today Can Take Your Breath Away, Marc Swan, Sheila-Na-Gig Editions

Two-Face God, Jason McCall, WordTech Editions

The Undertows of Anger, Martha Deborah Hall, WordTech Editions

Unearthings, Wendy Chen, Tavern Books

Walking with Eve in the Loved City, Roy Bentley, University of Arkansas Press

What Does Not Return, Tami Haaland, Lost Horse Press

What Have I to Say to You, Megan Levad, Tavern Books

What My Father Taught Me, Maria Giura, Bordighera Press

Where Night and Day Become One: 1983-2017 the French Poems / A Selection, Steve Dalachinsky, Great Weather for Media

The White Tree Quartet: Four Poem Cycles, Mary Pacific Curtis, Turning Point

World Without Finishing, Peter Cooley, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Ya Te Veo, P. Scott Cunningham, University of Arkansas Press