Home » Nonfiction Posted July 13, 2018

Brainstorm: Detective Stories from the World of Neurology, Suzanne O’Sullivan, Other Press

Claiming the B in LGBT: Illuminating the Bisexual Narrative, Ed. Kate Harrad, Thorntree Press

Clinging to the Iceberg, Ron Hutchinson, Oberon Books

Coming of Age: My Journey to the Eighties, Madeleine May Kunin, Green Writers Press

Fear Icons, Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel, Ohio State University Press

The Flip: Epiphanies of Mind and the Future of Knowledge, Jeffrey J. Kripal, Bellevue Literary Press

Kissing the Lobster, Peter Grandbois, Spuyten Duyvil

Night-Blooming Jasmin(n)e: Personal Essays and Poetry, Jasminne Méndez, Arte Publico Press