Home » Nonfiction Posted January 03, 2018

Born to Choose, John H. Falk, Taylor & Francis

Dennis Chavez, Cissie Coy, Arte Publico Press

The Forgetting Tree, Rae Paris, Wayne State University Press

How Not to Kill Yourself, Set Sytes & Faith G. Harper, Microcosm Publishing

It’s the Soul That’s Erotic, Ilya Kaminsky, Orison Books

Legends of the Slow Explosion, Baron Wormser, Tupelo Press

Life Among the Walkies, Lorenzo Wilson Milam, Mho & Mho Works

The Sweet and the Bitter, Amy Amendt-Raduege, Kent State University Press

Teaching Hemingway and the Natural World, Ed. Kevin Maier, Kent State University Press

With One Shot, Dorothy Marcic, Citadel