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Better with Books: 500 Diverse books to Ignite Empathy and Encourage Self-Acceptance in Tweens and Teens, Melissa Hart, Sasquatch Books

Black Indian, Shonda Buchanan, Wayne State University Press

The Chainbreaker Bike Book: An Illustrated Manual of Radical Bicycle Maintenance, Culture, & History, Shelley Lynn Jackson & Ethan Clark, Microcosm Publishing

Reckless Steps Toward Sanity: A Memoir, Judith Sara Gelt, University of New Mexico Press

The Lampblack Blue of Memory: My Mother Echoes, Sarah Adleman, Tolsun Books

Looking for Dragon Smoke, Robert Bly, White Pine Press

Political Hell-Raiser: The Life and Times of Senator Burton K. Wheeler of Montana, Marc C. Johnson, University of Oklahoma Press

Stamford ’76: A True Story of Murder, Corruption, Race, and Feminism in the 1970s, JoeAnn Hart, University of Iowa Press

throughsmoke: an essay in notes, Jehanne Dubrow, New Rivers Press

Volcanoes, Palm Trees & Privilege: Essays on Hawai’i, Liz Prato, Overcup Press