Home » Fiction Posted October 23, 2019

100 Cassettes, Dennis Callaci, Pelekinesis

City of Boom, Bonnie Bee, Anti-Oedipus Press

Dark Video, Peter Church, Catalyst Press

Happy Like This, Ashley Wurzbacher, University of Iowa Press

History of an Executioner, Clancy McGilligan, Miami University Press

Not a Thing to Comfort You, Emily Wortman-Wunder, University of Iowa Press

Not Yet, Erik Segal, Harvard Square Editions

St. Christopher on Pluto, Nancy McKinnley, West Virginia University Press

Scratching the Head of Chairman Mao, Jonathan Tel, Turtle Point Press

Shining Man, Todd Dills, Livingston Press

Small Mercies, Bridget Krone, Catalyst Press

Songbirds & Stray Dogs, Meagan Lucas, Main Street Rag Press

Why, Why, Why?, Quim Monzo, Open Letter