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All the Comfort Sin Can Provide, Grant Faulkner, Black Lawrence Press

Allegiance, Gurney Norman, Old Cove Press

The Boundaries of Their Dwelling, Blake Sanz, University of Iowa Press

The Brightest Place in the World, David Philip Mullins, University of Nevada Press

But I Don’t Know You, Stefan Kiesbye, Saddle Road Press

Come As You Are, Jennifer Haupt, Central Avenue Publishing

Counterfactual Love Stories & Other Experiments, Jackson Bliss, Noemi Press

The Devil and the Dairy Princess, Pedro Ponce, Blue Light Books

Faron Goss, Diane Lechleitner, Green Writers Press

Goods & Effects, Al Schnupp, Golden Antelope Press

Look at Us, T. L. Toma, Bellevue Literary Press

Search History, Eugene Lim, Coffee House Press

The Stone Sister, Caroline Patterson, Black Lawrence Press