Home » Fiction Posted November 30, 2016

The Big Book of Sounds and Other Stories, Jon Steinhagen, Black Lawrence Press

The Dead Will Rise and Save Us, Paul Pedroza, Veliz Books

The Expense of a View, Polly Buckingham, University of North Texas Press

A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing, Tim Weed, Green Writers Press

The Gift, Barbara Browning, Coffee House Press

The Middlepause: On Life After Youth, Marina Benjamin, Catapult

The Mysterious Islands, A.W. Deannuntis, What Books Press

Oedipus in Brooklyn and Other Stories, Blume Lempel, Mandel Vilar Press

The Pittsburgh Stories of Willa Cather, Ed. Peter Oresick, Carnegie Mellon University Press

Questioning Return, Beth Kissileff, Mandel Vilar Press

Radiant Terminus, Antoine Volodine, Open Letter

Rules for Lying, Anne Corbitt, Southeast Missouri State University Press

Spectrum, Martin Ott, C & R Press

What She Was Saying, Marjorie Maddox, Fomite Press