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A Job You Mostly Won’t Know How to Do, Pete Fromm, Counterpoint Press

Avery Colt Is a Snake, a Thief, a Liar, Ron A. Austin, Southeast Missouri State Unviersity Press

The Feral Boy Who Lives in Griffith Park, Tim Kirk, Pelekinesis

Further Up the Path: Flash Fables, Daniel Oz, BOA Editions LTD

Jakarta, Rodrigo Marquez Tizano, Coffee House Press

Joytime Killbox, Brian Wood, BOA Editions LTD

Surrendering Appomattox, Jacob M. Appel, C&R Press

The Thousand Steps: Book 1 of The Fiery Spiral, Helen Brain, Catalyst Press

The Wall, Max Annas, Catalyst Press

What Could Be Saved, Gregory Spatz, Tupelo Press

When all else fails, Rayyan Al-Shawaf, Interlink Publishing

The Wild Impossibility, Cheryl A. Ossola, Regal House Publishing