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Beaut, Donald Morrill, Carolina Wren Press

The Endless Summer, Madame Nielsen, Open Letter

Feathered Serpent/ Dark Heart of Sky, David Bowles, Cinco Puntos Press

Found Documents, Thomas Fox Averill, University of New Mexico Press

Goldens Are Here, Andrew Furman, Green Writers Press

The Lion’s Binding Oath, Ahmed Ismail Yusuf, Catalyst Book Press

Lords of St. Thomas, Jackson Ellis, Green Writers Press

Love Interrupted, Reneilwe Malatji, Catalyst Book Press

Made by Mary, Laura Catherine Brown, C & R Press

Make Way for Her, Katie Cortese, University Press Kentucky

Mourning, Eduardo Halfon, Bellevue Literary Press

Tina Goes to Heaven, Lois Ann Abraham, Ad Lumen Press

The Traders, Scott Shibuya Brown, Black Lawrence Press

We Kiss Them With Rain, Futhi Ntshingila, Catalyst Book Press

While You Were Gone, Sybil Baker, C & R Press