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An Accidental American Odyssey: immigrant stories, Mark Budman, Livingston Press

American Orphan, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Arte Publico Press

The Cleveland Heights LGBTQ Sci-Fi + Fantasy Role Playing Club, Doug Henderson, University of Iowa Press

The Last One, Fatima Daas, Other Press

A Long Way from Douala, Max Lobe, Other Press

One in Me I Never Loved, Carla Guelfenbein, Other Press

Searching for Jimmy Page, Christy Aleander Hallberg, Livingston Press

Sin Eater, Amanda Denham, Dreaming Big Publications

This Distance We Call Love, Carol Dines, Orison Books

The Violence Almanac, Miah Jeffra, Black Lawrence Press

The Way of the Saints, Elizabeth Engleman, Southeast Missouri State University Press