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Angels in the Wind: A Mile High Noir, Manuel Ramos, Arte Publico Press

The Anomaly, Hervé Le Tellier , Other Press

Branching Out: International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction, Ed. Brilliant Flash Fiction Staff, Brilliant Flash Fiction

Chola Salvation, Estella Gonzalez, Arte Publico Press

Fabulae: Tales for an Age of Ambivalence, Laura Costas, The Hazel Tree

Honest Stories, Laura Costas, Gut Punch Press

The House of Special Purpose, John Boyne, Other Press

How It Happens, Jean Alicia Elster, Wayne State University Press

How to Be Lonely, Dave Mainelli, WSC Press

Phototaxis, Olivia Tapiero, Nightboat Books

The Rage of Achilles, Terence Hawkins, The Callliope Group

This Ditch-Walking Love, James Braziel, Livingston Press

Tooth of the Covenant, Norman Lock, Bellevue Literary Press

What Isn’t Remembered, Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry, University of Nebraska Press