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Adult Teeth, Jeremy T. Wilson, Tortoise Books

The Alehouse at the End of the World, Stevan Allred, Forest Avenue Press

Black Iron, Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert, Thorntree Press

Edge of the Known Bus Line, James R. Gapinski, Etchings Press

Hider/Seeker, Jen Currin, Anvil Press

Neil and Other Stories, J. Bradley, Whiskey Tit

Pablo!, John Rechy, Arte Publico Press

Scoundrels Among Us, Darrin Doyle, Tortoise Books

The Sound of Holding Your Breath: Stories, Natalie Sypolt, West Virginia University Press

Stiff, Steve Hughes, Wayne State University Press

Tacoma Stories, Richard Wiley, Bellevue Literary Press

The Curse of the Gypsy: Ten Stories and a Novella, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Arte Publico Press

Three Sides Water, Peter Donahue, Ooligan Press

Unnatural Habitats: & other stories, Angela Mitchell, WTAW Press

Wrong Light: A Rick Cahill Novel, Matt Coyle, Oceanview Publishing