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Amazing Things Are Happening Here, Jacob M. Appel, Black Lawrence Press

Feast Day of the Cannibals, Norman Lock, Bellevue Literary Press

GlassHouse, Louis Armand, Equus Press

The Good Echo, Shena McAuliffe, Black Lawrence Press

Gristle, Weird Tales, Jordan A. Rothacker, Stalking Horse Press

Home Everywhere, Megan McNamer, Black Lawrence Press

Horse Latitudes, Morris Collins, Dzanc Books

Invictus, L.L. Holt, Harvard Square Editions

Murmur, Will Eaves, Bellevue Literary Press

Natural Complexions, D. Harlan Wilson, Equus Press

Of Fathers and Fire, Steven Wingate, University of Nebraska Press

Unblinking, Lisa Lenzo, Wayne State University Press

The Unfolding, Jeehan Quijano, New Meridian Arts

The Welsh Fasting Girl, Varley O’Connor, Bellevue Literary Press