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The Ace of Lightning, Stephen-Paul Martin, FC2

Athenian Blues, Pol Koutsakis, Bitter Lemon Press

Borne, Jeff Vandermeer, Farrar Straus & Giroux

Exes, Max Winter, Catapult

Frontier, Can Xue, Open Letter

Grand Slams: a coming of eggs story, Timothy Gager, Big Table Publishing

Gravity Changes, Zach Powers, BOA Editions

The Mask of Sanity, Jacob M. Appel, Permanent Press

Refrigerated Music for a Gleaming Woman, Aimee Parkinson, FC2

The Road to Ithaca, Ben Pastor, Bitter Lemon Press

The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman, Courtney E. Morgan, FC2

Sonata in K, Karen An-hwei Lee, Ellipsis Press

The Voices of Martyrs, Maurice Broaddus, Rosarium Publishing

The Whole World at Once, Erin Pringle, Vandalia Press