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The Annual Big Arsenic Fishing Contest, John Nichols, University of New Mexico Press

Battle Without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2, D. Harlan Wilson, Raw Dog Screaming Press

Before the First Snow: Stories from the Revolution, Walter M. Brasch, Greeley & Stone

Broken Sleep, Bruce Bauman, Other Press

The Capital of Kansas City, Gary Gildner, BkMk Press

A Cat Came Back, Simone Martel, Harvard Square Editions

Contents Under Pressure, Ellen Prentiss Campbell, Broadkill River Press

Corn on Macabre & Other Conundrums, Norman Conquest, Anti-Oedipus Press

Descriptions of Heaven, Randal Eldon Greene, Harvard Square Editions

Haylow, Gray Stewart, Livingston Press

In This Season of Rage and Melancholy Such Irrevocable Acts as These, Kat Meads, Mongrel Empire Press

Knives, Forks, Scissors, Flames, Stefan Kiesbye, Panhandler Books

My Immaculate Assassin, David Huddle, Tupelo Press

New Shoes, Dan Gilmore, KYSO Flash

PhDeath: The Puzzler Murders, James P. Carse, Opus

Repercussions, Anthony Schneider, Permanent Press

The Revolutionaries Try Again, Mauro Javier Cardenas, Coffee House Press

Robert Walker, Corey Mesler, Livingston Press

Superman on the Roof, Lex Williford, Rose Metal Press

The Topless Widow of Herkimer Street, Jacob M. Appel, Howling Bird Press

The Weight of Paradise, Iman Humaydan, Interlink Publishing Group

Wide as the Wind, Edward Stanton, Open Books Press