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  • The Cavalier Spy, S.W. O’Connell, Twilight Times Books
  • Hidden Shadows, Linda Lucretia Shuler, Twilight Times Books
  • Just When You Thought It Was Safe: The Invasion of America, Douglas Shulz, self-published
  • Madison’s Song, Christine Amsden, Twilight Times Books
  • Nostalgia, Hope Jennings, Anti-Oedipus Press
  • Queen of the Limbo, Louisa Leontiades, Postmodern Woman
  • Road Trip, Lynette D’ Amico, Twelve Winters Press
  • Sundowning Diary: Part 1, Farhad Mammadov, Smashwords
  • Temptations Behind Stained Glass: A Canticle of Desires and Redemptions, Richard Crangle, Tate Publishing
  • Trial by Fire, Christopher G. Nuttall, Twilight Times Books
  • The White Orchid and the Willow: The Shadows Chronicles Book 1, Joel Anthony Collins, self-published


  • The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership, Jenni Catron, Nelson Books
  • Change Your Brain Change Your Life, Daniel G. Amen, Harmony Books
  • Dangerous Love, Ray Norman, Nelson Books
  • The Dude’s Guide to Marriage, Darrin Patrick & Amie Patrick, Nelson Books
  • Inside the Rise of HBO, Bill Mesce Jr., McFarland
  • Las Vegas Insider’s Guide, Titus Nelson, Silverview Publishing
  • The Number Two Book, Thomas N. Bainter, Trafford
  • Searching for Jesus, Robert J. Hutchinson, Nelson Books
  • Swallowed Whole, Laurin Penn, Estep & Fitzgerald
  • This Is Awkward, Sammy Rhodes, Nelson Books
  • Vanity Karma: Ecclesiastes, the Bhagavad-gita, and the meaning of life, Jayadvaita Swami, The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust


  • Sablier II, David Wolf, Corn Publishing