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  • 2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Ed. Corie & Sean Weaver, Dreaming Robot Press
  • The Big Free, Martha B. Boone, Morgan James
  • Hiding in Third Person, Phil Bradley, Archway Publishing
  • Landslide, Melissa Leet, Antrim House Books
  • Morgue Rage, Alicia Anthony, self-published
  • Pushing Up Daisies, Penny Clover Petersen, Intrigue Publishing
  • Wish for Amnesia, Barbara Rosenthal, Deadly Chaps 


  • The Age of Promise, Randy Robison, Nelson Books
  • The Billion Dollar Byte, D. Justhy, Morgan James
  • Get Smarter Marketing, Jill Brennan, Morgan James
  • Going Down to the River, Doug Seegers & Steven Eubanks, Nelson Books
  • Henry, Katrina Shawver, Koehler Books
  • Ketone Therapy, Bruce Fife, Piccadilly Books
  • The Optimistic Food Addict, Christina Fisanick Greer, MIS Press, LLC
  • Party of One, Joy Beth Smith, Nelson Books
  • Whose Words These Are, j. Justin and John J. Dilenschneider, Significance Press


  • CAPS Poetry 2015, Ed. Marina Mati, CAPS Press
  • A Celebration of Western New York Poets, Ed. Patricia Tansey, Buffalo Legacy Publications
  • Poetry by an Elderly, Liberal, White Guy, Harry E. Gilleland, Jr., self-published