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  • 13:24, M. Dolon Hickmon (Rehoboam Press)
  • Almas, Victor F. Paletta (Tate Publishing)
  • Ashes at the Altar: The Sheriff and Sampson, Calvin M. Logue (Createspace)
  • Cabin Fever: A Seamus McCree Mystery, James M. Jackson (Barking Rain Press)
  • Céline, Peter B. Miller (Incanto Press)
  • Dream Chaser, Pat Spears (Twisted Road Publications)
  • Duet, Gay Walley & Kurt Haber (Incanto Press)
  • Escape to Anywhere Else, Robert Rippberger (Regent Press)
  • Faint Promise of Rain, Anjali Mitter Duva (She Writes Press)
  • Fates’ Thread: A Memory of Jesus, Judith Iglehart (3L Publishing)
  • Gone from the Game, Christopher Fahy (Limerock Books)
  • Lost in Montreal, Gay Walley (Incanto Press)
  • No Hand to Hold: The Infinite Journey, L. Curt Erler (Createspace)
  • Noise, Brett Garcia Rose (Velocity Imprints)
  • Parent Plots, Teacher Tales & Student Stories, Edward M. Baldwin (Jazlo & Lossi Publishing)
  • Return 2 Terror: With Love, David Lovett (Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.)
  • Solving for Y, Frederick Barrows (Lone Argonaut)
  • The Belief in Angels, J. Dylan Yates (She Writes Press)
  • The Second Metamorphosis, James D. Smith (HTMS Press)
  • A Secret Woman, Rose Solari (Alan Squire Publishing)
  • The Weight, Todd Stackhouse (1 Ton Press)
  • When Smiles Fade, Paige Dearth (Createspace)


  • Afghan Post, Adrian Bonenberger (The Head & The Hand Press)
  • Art from Adversity, Anne Therese Naylor (Glass House Books)
  • The Fool’s Pocket Guide to Getting a Job: How to Leave a Lasting Impression, Gary Evey (self-published)
  • How to Enjoy Contemporary Art: Some Explanations to Help You, Joe Nagle (Elgan Publishing Ltd.)
  • Jewels of Happiness, Sri Chinmoy (Heart-Light)
  • Life is Not Enough: The Memoir of a Contented Man, Robert Brown (Denro Classics
  • Old: Stories of Aging and Reflections on Caregiving, Rich Grimes (Summerland Publishing)
  • Why It Matters: The Sherpa Guide to What You Are Looking For, Brenda Corbett & Jennifer Chloupek (Sherpa Publishing
  • Winning in the Middle of the Pack: Realizing the True Success in Business and in Life, David Richman (Createspace)


  • The Girls in the Chartreuse Jackets, Maria Mazziotti Gillan (Cat in the Sun Books)
  • His PH.D. is in Hypocrisy: …And Other Poems About My Crappy Ex-Boyfriend, Tayo Oredein (Gynarchy)
  • Words of My Life, Chris Meredith (self-published)
  • A Thistle’s Dance, Aziz Ebubekir Kybartas (Elementa)