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  • Fatima and the Sons of Abraham, Val Bonacci, self-published

  • Shirtless Men Drink Free, Dwaine Rieves, Leapfolio


  • Edible Wild Plants and Useful Herbs, Jim Meuninck, Falcon Guides

  • The First Writings of Napoleon Hill: Truthful Living, Jeffrey Gitomer, Amazon Publishing

  • Generating Business with Referrals without Asking, Stacey Brown Randall, Morgan James Publishing

  • How to Become a Digital Leader: A Roadmap to Success, Cathy C. Smith, Amazon Digital

  • One Pill Makes You Stronger: The Drug that Scorched My Soul, Jill Stegman, Transformation Media Books

  • Tuesdays with Jack, Pauline Daniel, Granville Island Publishing

  • What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t, Ann Marie Sabath, Career Press

  • Where the Colors Blend, Stephen Copeland, Morgan James Publishing

  • You Can Invest Like a Stock Market Pro, James Pattersenn Jr., Trilogy Publishing Group


  • Hungry Words, R. Bremner, Alien Buddha Press

  • I was the girl with the moon-shaped face, Heather Lang Cassera, Zeitgeist Press

  • Revealing Self in Pictures and Words, Tom Taylor, Eye Point Press

  • So Be It, Ralph Culver, WolfGang Press

Children’s/YA Lit

  • Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide: Volume 5, Edited by Sean and Corie Weaver, Dreaming Robot Press