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  • Covalent Bonds, Ed. Trysh Thompson, World Weaver Press
  • Eulalie and Washerwoman, Malcolm R. Campbell, Thomas-Jacob Publishing
  • He Gave Me Barn Cats, Maria Santomasso-Hyde, Dancing Lemur Pres, LLC
  • The Kurdish Bike, Alesa Lightbourne, self-published
  • Miami Morning: A Leila Payson Novel, Mary Clark, All Things That Matter Press
  • Prospect for Murder, Jeanne Burrows-Johnson, Artemesia Publishing
  • States of Terror: Volume Three, Ed. Matt E. Lewis & Keith McCleary, Ayahuasca Publishing


  • And Still She Laughs, Kate Merrick, Nelson Books
  • Breaking and Entering: From Audition to Agents to a Career, Philip Carlson, Opus
  • Can I Keep Drinking?, Cyndi Turner, Morgan James
  • Destined to Win, Kris Vallotton, Nelson Books
  • Moments of Mindfulness, Emma Farrarons, The Experiment
  • Reclaiming Hope, Michael Wear, Nelson Books
  • The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb, Jamin Goggin & Kyle Strobel, Nelson Books


  • The Sun Spits Light, Ron Androla, Pressure Press Press

Children’s/YA Literature

  • 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Ed. Corie & Sean Weaver, Dreaming Robot Press
  • Neuron Galaxy: A Story from Morphonix about Your Brain, Jay Leibold, Morphonix