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  • Curiosisosity, Greg Bachar (Rowhouse Press)


  • Comedy of Terror, John Fremont (Lost Coast Press)
  • The Delphi Deception, Chris Everheart (Yellow Rocket Media)
  • Double Rainbow at Full Moon, B.A.K. Sim (Agio Publishing House)
  • Farthest House, Margie Lukas (WriteLife)
  • Gathering Chrysanthemums, Peter Maguire (Black Rose Writing)
  • Gifts Not Yet Given, Kergan Edwards-Stout (Circumspect Press)
  • The Granddaddy Syndicate, Richard D. Lennox (Bedside Books)
  • The Hope We Seek, Rich Shapero (Outside Reading Books)
  • The Long Journey, Cara J. Swanson (Nighthawk/Raven Publishing)
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter, Tim Symonds (MX Publishing)
  • Sydney Murders—Solved!, Stuart Gustafson (AITE Publishing)
  • Sympathetic People, Donna Baier Stein (Serving House Books)
  • Tales from a Closet, Julie Thomas (Xlibris)
  • Tranquility, Peter Jakobsen (Bedside Books)
  • The Tunnel, S. D. Tooley (Full Moon Publishing)
  • Visibly Struck, Steve Kubicek (Summit Partners)
  • A Voyage to Panjikant, Marguerite Dabaie (self-published)
  • What Jennifer Saw, Hal Schweig (Black Rose Writing)
  • The Whiskey Creek Water Company, Jan Walker (Plicata Press)
  • Why People Do What They Do, Emilio Iasiello (Deerhawk Publications)
  • Wild Grapes, Will Zink (Sugar Loaf Press)


  • 3 Off the Tee: No Excuses, Lorii Myers (Leda Publishing Corp.)
  • The Continuing Presence: New Essays on Psychological Themes, Philip Roth (NorthEast Books & Publishing)
  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Practices, Ferid Azemi (American Book Publishing)
  • From Collar to Cleavage, Judith Thomas (Troubador Publishing)
  • Given Time: Living Our Last Months Together, Helen Park Bigelow (Fithian Press)
  • Love Made in Heaven: Secrets to an Amazing Life, Relationship, & Marriage, Marielle & Del McCormick (Revelation Press)
  • Questioning Protocol, Randi Redmond Oster (Well Path Press)
  • Sets, Lights, & Lunacy, Lloyd Burlingame (CreateSpace)
  • United Credit: Prosperity without Money, Jonathon Ray Spinney (Red Bear Press)


  • Bitter Melon, Elivs Alves (Mahaicony Books)
  • Controlled Hallucinations, John Sibley Williams (Futurecycle Press)
  • The Domain of Silence, Louis Phillips (Prologue Press)
  • What’s Left Behind, Michal Mahgerefteh (Poetica Publishing)