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  • Stitching a Life: An Immigration Story, Mary Helen Fein, She Writes Press

  • Watermark, Elise Schiller, Spark Press


  • Circumcision Scar, Jay J. Jackson, Hookona Books

  • Handbook for True Democracy, John G. Mentzos, U.R.R. Publishing

  • Hunting the Unabomber, Lis Wiehl, Nelson Books

  • Learn to Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life, Thomas Jordan, BookBaby

  • Retreat to Victory in 1915, Nancy Cramer, The Poppy Press

  • Surrounded by Others and Yet So Alone, J. W. Freiberg, Philia Books

  • They Were Soldiers, Joseph Galloway & Marvin J. Wolf, Nelson Books

  • Was Michael Jackson Murdered? You Be the Judge, Everett Watson, Dorrance Publishing Co.


  • Inspired by Gina, Regina Marie Blaylock, Dorrance Publishing

  • The Persistence of Memory and Other Stories, Jan Maher, Dog Hollow Press