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  • Blood Trails, Michael A. Black, Intrigue Publishing
  • The Commons, Susan Dworkin, Divided Light Projects
  • The Criminalist, John Houde, Calico Press
  • The Daddy Handbook, Steven Moss, The Potre Roview
  • A Flash of Red, Sarah K. Stephens, Pandamoon Publishing
  • Marion Hatley, Beth Castrodale, Garland Press
  • The Professor and the Suicide Girl, Nick Totem, Lucen Geist Literary Press
  • Revengers, David Valdes Greenwood, Pandamoon Publishing
  • Star Mate, A. T. Nager, Clocktower Books


  • Route 66 Adventure Handbook, Drew Knowles, Santa Monica Press
  • Citizen Newt, Craig Shirley, Nelson Books
  • The Disneyland Encyclopedia, Chris Strodder, Santa Monica Press
  • The Potential Principle, Mark Sanborn, Nelson Books
  • Redeeming the Feminine Soul, Julie Roys, Nelson Books
  • Revelations Incorporated, Brian Ray, self-published
  • Saving a Sick America, Michael L. Brown, Nelson Books
  • They Came for Freedom, Jay Milbrandt, Nelson Books
  • Why I Didn’t Rebel, Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach, Nelson Books
  • Write to Influence!, Carla D. Bass, Orlean Press


  • Flickering Kingdoms, Jeff Grinnell, self-published