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  • Complicated Simplicity: The Paroxysm of the Lotus Vol. 1, Susan MeeLing, self-published
  • Googolplex, KG Johansson, Affront Publishing
  • in the context of Love, Linda K. Sienkiewicz, Buddhapuss Ink LLC
  • Montpelier Tomorrow, Marylee MacDonald, All Things That Matter Press
  • Moonkind: Survivors Ebola, Bruce Merchant, self-published
  • Portraits of Partnerships: The Paroxysm of the Lotus Vol. 2, Susan MeeLing, Createspace
  • A Whisper of Angels, Lourdes R. Florido, MLR Press


  • 52 Little Lessons from a Christmas Carol, Bob Welch, Nelson Publishers
  • The Carols of Christmas: A Celebration of the Surprising Stories Behind Your Favorite Holiday Songs, Andrew Gant, Nelson Publishers
  • Curious Children Book Series: Volume One: What is a Family?, Susan MeeLing, self-published
  • Curious Children Book Series Volume Two: What’s the Difference?, Susan MeeLing, self-published
  • The Ecology of Law: Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community, Fitjof Capra & Ugo Mattei, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • For the Union and the Catholic Church: Four Converts in the Civil War, Max Longley, McFarland
  • It Couldn’t Have Been the Pay, Irving Rothstein, Rocin Publishing
  • Miracle on 91st Street: Surviving the Impossible, Joseph Parenti, Createspace
  • Pocahontas and Sacagawea: Interwoven Legacies in American History, Cyndi Spindell Berck, Commonwealth Books of Virginia
  • Shader, Daniel Nester, 99: The Press
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Enlightenment: Background Notes, James C. Thompson, Commonwealth Books of Virginia
  • You Ain’t Hungry Until I’m Starving: Nutrition for the Soul, Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr., 4-U-Nique Publishing


  • Resurrection Party, Michalle Gould, Silver Birch Press