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  • The Quisling, Lawrence Matrick, Bellevue Publishing

  • The Ramadan Drummer, Randolph Splitter, Pandamoon Publishing

  • Storm: Book One, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu, Amazon

  • Terms of Engagement: Stories of the Father and Son, Paul Alan Ruben, Larkin Books


  • H.O.P.E. for the Alzheimer’s Journey, Carol B. Amos, Morgan James Publishing

  • Magnetic I-Ching (Book Supplement), Daniel Young, Paradoxy

  • Teacher: You Are Enough And More, Claire Rachel Maghtas and Karen Jean Epps, Morgan James Publishing

  • Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change, Linda DeFruscio-Robinson, Brown Books


  • Journey of a Bedroom Poet, Catherine Napalai Faulder, self-published

  • The Last Jazz Fan: And Other Poems, Kenneth Salzmann, Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises

  • A Love Story: Poems of God’s Eternal Love, Regina Marie Blaylock, Dorrance Publishing Co.

  • The Annotated Murder of One, Jared Pearce, Aubade Publishing

  • Voices of War, Gary Beck, Atlantean Publishing