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  • American Neolithic, Terence Hawkins, The Calliope Group

  • Crow Calling, Sherry Roberts, Osmyrrah Publishing

  • The Gargouille, Xander Bailey, Whisky River Books

  • iola O, G.M. Monks, Bink Books

  • Ivory Tower, Grant Jenkins, Atmosphere Press

  • Perpetual Check, F. Nelson Smith, Bear Hill Publishing

  • Trail of the Warrior, R.H. Pfeiffer, Words in Light


  • The Great American Family: A Story of Political Disenchantment, Weam Namou, Hermiz Publishing

  • The Perpetual Beginner: A Musician’s Path to Lifelong Learning, Dave Isaacs, Nashville Guitar Guru

  • Relentless, John Tesh, Nelson Books

  • Uncommon Ground, Timothy Keller & John Inazu, Nelson Books

  • What Am I? Fruits, John Benzee, Split Seed Press


  • Bring Quick the White-Boys, Robert W. Wood, Omonomany Press

  • The Citadel 2, David Stone, Cyberwit.net

  • Phobophobia, Karl Elder, Cyberwit.netl