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  • The Bone Bridge, Yarrott Benz, Dagmar Miura
  • The Devils that Have Come to Stay, Pamela DiFrancesco, Medallion Press
  • The Husband Swap, Louisa Leontiades, Thorntree Press
  • Out at Home, Katie Labovitz, Schlimmer Publishing
  • Signs Point to Yes, Christopher Church, Dagmar Miura
  • A Wolf’s Tale, Wayne Costigan, BookBaby


  • After the Wind, Lou Kasischke, Good Hart Publishing
  • Corporate Cure: How to Build a High-Engagement, High-Performance Company that Will Last, John Owens, GreenCastle Publishing
  • Daughters, Dads, and the Path through Grief: Tales from Italian America, Donna H. DiCello and Lorraine Mangione, Impact Publishers
  • Four Years in the Mountains of Kurdistan: An Armenian Boy’s Memoir of Survival, Aram Haigaz, Maiden Lane Press
  • Growing Up Hollywood: Tales from the Son of a Hollywood Mogul, Rocky Lang, Harbor Lights Productions
  • Living through the Pain ~ The Lonely Me, Cathy A. Kurtz, Healing Hart Publishing
  • Online Education Fraud: The Diary of a Short Seller, Robert MacArthur, Alternative Research Services Inc.


  • But Today Is Different, Sarah Stern, Resource Publications
  • Currents in the Stream, Charlotte Cox, North Star Press of St. Cloud

Children’s/YA Literature

  • Checking in at the Crowbar Hotel, Gary Delanoeye, Summerland Publishing
  • Silence, Deborah Lytton, Shadow Mountain