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  • American Candide, Mahendra Singh, Roasrium Books
  • Arms from the Sea, Rich Shapero, TooFar Media
  • August 1864: A Civil War Naval Adventure, H.V. Rhodes, The Write Thought
  • The End of Miracles, Monica Starkman, She Writes Press
  • levon a, J. D. Radke, Bascom Hill Publishing Group


  • Ask Me About Polyamory: The Best of Kimchi Cuddles, Tivka Wolf, Thorntree Press
  • Freedom: The End of the Human Condition, Jeremy Girffith, World Transformation Movement
  • The Garden Interior: A Year of Inspired Beauty, David Jensen, Morgan James
  • The Longing in Me, Sheila Walsh, Nelson Books
  • Outlaw Christian, Jacqueline A. Bussie, Nelson Books
  • Pop Icons and Business Legends: History of Commerce and Heritage of Culture, Hank Moore, Morgan James
  • Sentenced: Read, Writing & Book Publishing, Louis Phillips, World Audience Publishers
  • Snapshots from My Uneventful Life, David Aboulafia, Library Tales Publishing
  • Tried by Fire, William J. Bennett, Nelson Books
  • With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles & Mistakes on My Way Back to KoRn, Brian “Head” Welch, Nelson Books


  • Ethereal Voices, Shona Jabang, AudioArcadia.com
  • Gods Depicting Pastime: A Tone Poem Collection, Jerry Vilhotti, Createspace
  • What Thoughts, John Most, AuthorsPress