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  • Do You Love Me?, Sharon Ervin, Intrigue Publishing
  • Jane’s Baby, Chris Bauer, Intrigue Publishing
  • Traveling High and Tripping Hard, Joseph Davida, Dark Planet Press
  • Tree, Melina Sempill Watts, Change the World Books


  • I Am Me: My Personal Journey with my Forty Plus Autistic Son, Marlene Ringler, Morgan James Publishing
  • Outward Success is an Inside Job, Bobby Albert, Morgan James Publishing
  • The Power of Perception, Shawn Andrews, Morgan James Publishing
  • What Can You Believe In When You Don’t Believe in God?, Michael Werner, Humanist Press


  • The Bluebird Run, Greg Keeler, Elk River Books
  • The Tree with No Leaves, Kristina M. Sutton, Amazon