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  • Crossing at Sweet Grass, Laurie G. Robertson, iUniverse
  • A Good Lie Ain’t Easy, Nico Lee, Mega Dodo Books
  • Spells for Victory and Courage, Dana Fitzgale, Brighthorse Press


  • A Couple with Common Cents, Ryan Eidson, Morgan James
  • The Dawn of Christianity, Robert J. Hutchinson, Nelson Books
  • The Lucky Few, Heather Avis, Zondervan
  • Non-Profit Legends, Hank Moore, Morgan James Publishing
  • Pop Icons and Business Legends, Hank Moore, Morgan James Publishing
  • A Selfish Plan to Change the World, Justin Dillon, Nelson Books


  • Body Politic, Rich Murphy, Prolific Press
  • East of Sorrow, Marc Hudson, Red Mountain Press
  • Elemental: A Poetic Struggle, Sh’nette, MSRPHXAZUSA
  • Loud Whispers, Walid S. Saba, self-published