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  • Backlash, D.L. Thomas, self-published
  • Death of Nosferatu, Lee Young, self-published
  • Dragon of the Stars, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Dancing Lemur Press
  • Homegoing: Book 1 of The Tall Ships of Saradena, Michelle Markey Butler, Pink Narcissus Press
  • An Involuntary Spy, Kenneth Eade, Times Square Publishing
  • A Life Unbroken: The Alex McKay Series (Book One), K. M. Hewitt, self-published
  • The Man Who Asked to be Killed, Gary Garth McCann, A Few Good Books Publishing
  • A Map of Kex’s Face, Robin Wyatt Dunn, John Ott
  • Mean Bastards Making Nice, Djelloul Marbrook, Leaky Boot Press
  • The Mind Trap: The Dream Hiker Series 2, Padmaja Khanna, self-published
  • Once a Goddess, Sheila R. Lamb, Solstice Publishing
  • A Patriot’s Act, Kenneth Eade, Times Square Publishing
  • Saints in the Shadows: a mystery of the mind, Alana Cash, Hacienda Press
  • Scorched, Michael Soll, self-published
  • Tales of Superhuman Powers: 55 Traditional Stories from Around the World, Csenge Virag Zalka, McFarland
  • The Tut Clone Contracts, Jan Issaye Berkhout, Inkwater Press


  • Becoming Generation Flux: Why Traditional Career Planning is Dead: How To Be Agile, Adapt to Ambiguity, & Develop Resilience, Miles Anthony Smith, Kompelling Publishing
  • A Blessing Well Disguised: A Blinded Artist’s Inner Journey Out of the Dark, Lloyd Burlingame, Journey Press
  • Disaster Handbook, Robert Brown Butler, Createspace
  • Enlightened or Mad? A Psychologist Glimpses into Mystical Magnanimity, David Y. F. Ho, Dignity Press
  • Ethical Empowerment, Arthur D. Schwartz, Emergence Books
  • Fantastical Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia, Marija Bulatovic, SOL LLC
  • Rice Paddy Recon: A Marine Officer’s Second Tour in Vietnam, 1968-1970, Andrew R. Finlayson, McFarland
  • The Richard Peabody Reader, Ed. Lucinda Ebersole, Alan Squire Publishing
  • Saving Cinderella, Rachel Hope Crossman, Aprocryphile Press
  • Sounding Our Depths: The Music of Morgan Powell, Ann Starr, Upper Hand Press
  • Travel as a Political Act, Rick Steves, Avalon Travel


  • 147 Million Orphins (MMXI-MML), Eileen R. Tabios, gradient books
  • Clouds Running In, Kim Shuck, Taurean Horn Press
  • The Lizard and Other Poems, Lori Banks, Createspace


  • Mug-Mug: A Collection of Poetry and Prose, Naveen Bokhari, self-published